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Are you in the market for expert shrub removal in Lakeland, Florida? If so, call the pros here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service. One reason to trust our crew is that we offer decades of shrub clearing experience. Two, we guarantee safe, reliable services at prices you can afford!

Above all, our team is happy to provide outstanding customer service on every project. When you call us for tree and shrub removal, we treat your property as we would our own. Additionally, we are fully licensed and insured, so you know we offer outstanding work. When it comes to shrub, hedge, and bush removal, ours is the name to trust!

With this in mind, why not call our team today for your FREE consultation and price quote? We’ll schedule a convenient appointment that works around your schedule. Also, we’ll explain your options for trimming and full removal. To get your property started, don’t hesitate to use our contact form or just give us a call.

A contractor preparing for shrub removal in Lakeland FL.
A contractor replacing and removing shrubs.

Why Schedule Shrub Removal for Your Property

Why schedule shrub removal for your Lakeland property? In many cases, hedges and other greens enhance a property’s appearance. However, consider when you might have shrubs removed and how this service benefits your property:

  • Overgrown roots can wrap around buried pipes or foundation concrete. Also, those roots might press up against sidewalk and driveway concrete. To avoid this damage, consider removing those shrubs.
  • Some shrubs might struggle to grow in the state’s hot, harsh climate. In turn, they might look withered and wilted no matter the care they receive! Removing those shrubs ensures a clean, neat, attractive property.
  • Larger shrubs close to a house might provide a hiding place for potential intruders. Consequently, you might have them torn out to ensure your property’s overall safety.

Also, some homeowners simply do not have the time, energy, or desire to trim shrubs consistently! Removing and replacing them with low-maintenance greens ensures a beautiful property that is also easy to keep up.

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Why Not Try Shrub Removal On Your Own?

Rather than searching for professional shrub removal in Lakeland, why not just dig up those greens on your own? There are many reasons why it’s better to leave this work to the pros!

  • Shrub roots are often longer and more difficult to break up than you might realize. In turn, you might end up doing far more digging than expected!
  • Many shrubs have prickly leaves, thorns, and rough bark. Pulling out heavy shrubs also risks back injury and other hazards. To reduce these risks, leave shrub removal to the professionals.
  • Once you remove those shrubs, where will you put that rubbish? Most shrub trimming and removal projects produce too much debris for household trash. Also, trash collectors might not pick up bushes just left by the curb!

For safe shrub digging and tear-out services, call the crew here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service. We are the most experienced professionals when it comes to shrub and hedge removal. Additionally, we’ll take care of needed permits and rubbish produced by your removal project.

A contractor with a heavy chainsaw used for shrub removal in Lakeland FL.
Equipment used for shrub removal and tree trimming.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Lakeland Shrub Removal

With so many options for shrub removal in Lakeland FL, why call our tree removal company? There are many reasons we’re #1 in the shrub and tree trimming and removal business! One reason ours is the name to trust is that we start every project with a FREE price quote. Two, we always answer all your questions before any work begins.

Also, not every shrub service company employs highly trained and skilled tree and hedge service contractors. When you search for “shrub removal near me,” you might end up with untrained amateurs who only mess up your property! On the other hand, our team specializes in expert services at prices you can afford.

So, why keep putting off that call? Your property deserves nothing less than the most skilled and qualified tree and shrub trimming and removal team. Also, our precise services ensure a safe, attractive property you’ll love. To get yourself started with a FREE quote, just call us today!



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"Lakeland Tree Removal Service removed multiple large trees including one which was a high risk removal because of the the proximity to my house. Their handling of the process from start to finish was professional and communicative. 10/10 would use their tree removal services again!"
- Bruce S.

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Invest in your property’s appearance and condition with expert tree services from the crew here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service. Trimming removes dangerous branches, protecting overhead power lines and nearby roofs. Cutting away overgrown branches also allows trees to thrive.

Property owners should also call us to remove dead and decaying trees quickly! Trees can often topple without warning, risking injury and property damage. To find out more or to schedule your FREE inspection and price quote, don’t hesitate to contact us right now.

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