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Keep your property safe and looking its best with expert tree root removal in Lakeland. Overgrown roots or those encroaching on buried pipes and other fixtures are not just a nuisance; they are often downright dangerous! Root removal from the pros here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service keeps your property safe for pedestrians and reduces the risk of damage to underground fixtures.

Cutting tree roots is not a job for amateurs or one a property owner should try on their own. Roots are often stronger and larger than property owners realize, and improper cutting techniques can allow them to grow back quickly! Pulling on deep roots also risks dislodging buried pipes, wires, and other structures.

If it’s time for root removal or land clearing on your property, give us a call. We begin every project with a full property inspection, ensuring we choose the best tree root removal tools and methods. We guarantee safe, fast services, so give us a call today!

Equipment used for tree root removal in Lakeland.
A worker cutting up exposed tree roots for removal.

Why Schedule Exposed Tree Root Removal for Your Property?

Tree root removal is a vital service for many properties. Once a tree has been cut, it might begin to dry out so that the roots rise to the top of the soil. Heavy rain, high winds, and other weather conditions risk soil erosion which can also risk exposed roots.

Roots growing above the ground create tripping hazards and get in the way of proper lawn care. They also tend to look downright unsightly! Cutting tree roots in a lawn and removing them completely ensures a safe property, enhancing its appearance as well.

If there are exposed tree roots on your property, call us for professional, affordable removal. We can schedule a FREE no-obligation consultation and price quote, and ensure all your questions are answered. To find out more, just give us a call right now!

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Protect Foundations and Buried Fixtures With Tree Root Removal

Tree root removal for a Lakeland property is also vital if those roots are encroaching on a structure’s foundation, or have wrapped themselves around plumbing pipes or other buried fixtures. Note that roots continue to grow and expand, and pull water from the ground to nourish the tree.

This process can risk concrete foundation damage including chips and cracks. Roots wrapped around plumbing pipes can also mean cracks and broken sections. This damage allows dirt and sediment into those pipes, risking clogs. Roots also risk damaging buried wires, utility cables, septic tanks, wells, and other such structures.

Cutting away or removing those roots altogether protects your property from damage and means reduced risk of damaging city utility lines and other features! To find out more about the damage often caused by tree roots and if this service is needed for your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Equipment for overgrown tree root removal.
Contractors performing tree removal.

Why Avoid DIY Tree Root Removal on Your Property

Removing tree roots is not as easy as some property owners might assume, and is much tougher than simply digging them up and cutting them away! If roots are wrapped around pipes or wires, they might need cutting or other treatment during removal, so that they don’t pull up those fixtures.

Removing large roots is also more difficult than you might assume, as those roots are naturally tough and strong and resist pulling, digging, and cutting. Without the right heavy-duty tools, you might find that the job takes far longer and is much more physically taxing than you thought. It’s also easy to end up with messy, unsafe excavations around stumps and buried roots, so that your property then looks worse than when you started!

Rather than searching online for “how to remove tree roots” and risking injury or property damage, call the pros here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service. We guarantee safe root removal at affordable prices. Our crew always endeavors to keep mess and disruption to your property to a minimum, and you can trust us to get the job done as quickly as possible. To get started, use our contact form or call us right now!



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