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Your Property Requires Expert, Professional Tree Care in Lakeland

For the highest-rated, most dependable trees care, call the pros at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service

Beautiful, healthy trees add lots of stunning visual appeal to a property, and you can keep your trees mature and thriving by calling for expert tree care in Lakeland! Regular tree services encourage trees to grow healthy and strong and protect them from damage over the years.

Here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service, we care about your trees as much as you do, and provide a full line of tree services for Lakeland properties, including:

  • Trimming and pruning
  • Shaping
  • Planting and relocating
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Disease treatment

Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service has over 20 years of experience in tree care and we stand behind all our work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee. To find out more, call us today!

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A contractor tree trimming in Lakeland FL.

Our Exceptional Lakeland Tree Care Services

Expert Tree Trimming for Lakeland Properties

If tree branches are dangerously close to overhead wires or hang over your home’s roof, a neighboring property, or any valuable property below, it’s time for tree trimming in Lakeland! Overhanging branches at risk of falling can mean expensive damage and even serious injury to anyone standing below.

Expert tree trimming also helps thin overly thick branches, allowing more sunshine to your property and improving your view. To ensure proper trimming techniques and avoid property damage during branch removal, rely on the pros at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service for all the tree trimming services you need to have done.

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A tree trimming contractor in Lakeland removing overgrown branches.
A contractor pruning a tree in Lakeland FL.

Tree Pruning in Lakeland, for Better Tree Health

Tree pruning on Lakeland properties does more than simply remove dangerous branches; proper pruning means added sunlight and fresh air around a tree’s trunk and main branches, improving its overall health. Pruning also reduces branch weight, for less risk of cracking and bruising, and allows the tree to expend less energy to maintain those branches.

Improper pruning techniques often result in bruising trees, so you need to leave this vital service to the pros at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service. With over 20 years of experience in tree care service in Lakeland, you can trust that your trees are in good hands when you call our tree service crew!

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Enhance Your Property’s Beauty With Tree Shaping in Lakeland!

Expert tree shaping in Lakeland is an excellent way to enhance your property’s beauty. Tree shaping forms trees into various shapes or silhouettes, giving your property’s trees stunning visual interest. Tree shaping can also help correct bent or otherwise unsightly trees.

Tree shaping requires the careful skill and know-how you’ll get from the pros at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service. To find out how tree shaping and other tree care services can create added beauty on your property and the results you can expect, or to schedule your no-hassle appointment, give us a call!

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Tree shaping contractors cutting a tree in Lakeland.
A contractor planting a tree in Lakeland.

Tree Planting in Lakeland, to Enhance Your Property

There is no better way to enhance your property’s appearance and even increase its value than with tree planting in Lakeland! Beautiful, mature trees add stunning visual appeal, provide shade for patios and decks, and keep your property’s soil healthy.

If you’re considering adding some mature trees to your property, call Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service first! It’s vital that you choose the best spot for your tree, to keep roots away from buried plumbing and electrical features and your home’s foundation. To find out more, give us a call!

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Fast, Affordable Shrub Trimming for Lakeland Properties

Call the professionals for needed shrub trimming on a Lakeland property! Overgrown, shaggy hedges and shrubs make a property look rundown and neglected, while properly trimmed shrubs give a property an upscale look while growing healthy and strong.

Poor-quality shrub trimming can hurt those hedges, and result in an uneven and ragged look. To ensure your property’s shrubs, hedges, bushes, and other vegetation look their best and stay in good condition, call Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service for expert trimming and other shrub and tree care services.

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A contractor trimming shrubs on a Lakeland property.
An example of tree bracing in Lakeland.

Tree Cabling and Bracing Protect Those Saplings & Old Oaks!

Tree cabling in Lakeland is an excellent choice for Florida properties, as strong storms and high winds often damage trees and leave them leaning dangerously to one side or the other. Cabling and bracing reduce the risk of tree collapse and falling branches while also letting those trees grow upright and strong.

Proper bracing and cabling and other tree care services require the expertise and experience you’ll only get from the pros at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service. If you’re worried about a leaning tree on your property, call us to find out if it needs bracing to stay strong and healthy!

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Restore Tree Health With Tree Disease Treatment in Lakeland

If a beloved tree on your property is damaged, rotted, or diseased, don’t give up on it just yet but call us for tree disease treatment in Lakeland! Proper treatment can often restore a tree and allow it to grow healthy and strong once again.

Effective tree disease treatment starts with a full-scale inspection by a trained arborist or another technician, to decide the best treatment method. We will also notify you if a tree is simply too damaged to restore, so you can decide on removal and replacing as needed.

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An arborist in Lakeland examining a diseased tree.


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"Lakeland Tree Removal Service removed multiple large trees including one which was a high risk removal because of the the proximity to my house. Their handling of the process from start to finish was professional and communicative. 10/10 would use their tree removal services again!"
- Bruce S.

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Whether you need regular pruning, branch removal, tree removal, stump grinding, or land clearing services, call the pros you can trust, Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service.

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