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If you’re in the market for tree pruning in Lakeland, Florida, call our crew today. Here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service, we ensure safe tree pruning services for every property. Also, our expert tree maintenance ensures healthy trees and lush, stunning growth. Whatever your needs for a beautiful tree, ours is the team to trust!

If you’re curious whether pruning tree branches is suitable for your property, don’t hesitate to ask! Pruning involves cutting away an entire branch rather than just trimming it down. This process removes branches getting too close to roofs or powerlines. Also, removing heavy or diseased branches ensures overall tree health.

With this in mind, why not call our crew today for your FREE consultation and price quote? We’ll schedule a convenient appointment and explain all your property’s options. If you’re ready for expert, damage-free pruning of your tree, contact us right now!

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What Is Tree Pruning and Why Is It Sometimes Necessary?

Tree pruning refers to removing an entire tree branch. This service involves more than trimming, which cuts away various twigs and other growth. Both processes ensure a safe, healthy tree, but pruning offers added services:

  • Pruning is vital for removing branches that risk damage to power lines, roofs, or property below.
  • Dead or diseased branches need pruning, so they don’t affect the tree or snap and fall suddenly!
  • Removing overly heavy branches alleviates stress on a tree, keeping it healthy.
  • Pruning away branches allows a leaning tree to grow upright again while preventing it from toppling.
  • If a large, thick tree blocks your view of the horizon, ask us about pruning services!

If you still have questions about needed pruning or our tree pruning techniques, give us a call. We’ll explain how to prune a tree and why it’s vital for your property.

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Never Attempt DIY Tree Pruning or Branch Cutting & Removal

If your property needs some tree pruning, ensure you call on the pros and avoid attempting this work yourself! One reason to call us is that using chainsaws and other equipment is dangerous, even downright deadly. Tree branches often fall in unexpected directions when cut, risking property damage below. Remember, insurance rarely covers the cost of damages property owners cause themselves!

Additionally, using the right tree pruning techniques ensures healthy trees. The wrong techniques can wound those trees permanently, stunting their growth. You might also end up with unsightly cuts that detract from a tree’s appearance overall. Sometimes, a tree might wither and die after DIY cutting and pruning.

For all these reasons and more, call the crew here at Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service for your needed services. We’ll perform a full-scale inspection and determine the right cutting process for a tree. Above all, we’ll ensure to answer all your questions before work begins and inspect that tree for other needed care. For safe, reliable tree services on your residential or commercial property, reach out right now.

Tree pruning to prepare it for removal.
A woodchipper used for tree pruning Lakeland FL.

Call Our Experts for Affordable Tree Pruning in Lakeland

Don’t put off needed Lakeland tree pruning and other vital services. Pruning tree branches keep them from falling without warning while ensuring tree health. Our pruning and other tree maintenance allow a tree to flourish over the years. You’ll enjoy a stunning, safe property after our crew finishes with your needed pruning.

Moreover, we have years of experience in tree care, including pruning, trimming, cabling, and full removal. You know we offer the expertise needed for a job done right! We take all precautions needed for safe, damage-free pruning and cutting services. Above all, we’re happy to answer your questions and ensure you know what to expect from our services.

So, why keep putting off that call? Those heavy, diseased, dead, overgrown, or encroaching tree branches won’t cut themselves. Additionally, the longer you leave them on the tree, the greater the risk of them snapping and falling unexpectedly. To avoid this risk and ensure a safe, stunning space, call our tree removal service crew today.



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"Lakeland Tree Removal Service removed multiple large trees including one which was a high risk removal because of the the proximity to my house. Their handling of the process from start to finish was professional and communicative. 10/10 would use their tree removal services again!"
- Bruce S.

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Lakeland Tree Trimming & Removal Service is the company to call for all your needed tree services in Florida. We offer a wide range of needed tree care including pruning, trimming, cabling, and disease treatment. Additionally, ours is the name to trust for tree and shrub removal and stump grinding, as well as land clearing. We also offer hedge trimming and removal as well! We start every project with a free price quote, so call our customer care team today.

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